Offshore Transformer Station

The Offshore Transformer Station (OTS) is transforming the collected energy from the wind turbines to a higher voltage (150 kV). This is necessary to reduce energy losses during transport over longer distances. The total distance from the offshore transformer station to land is about 40 km.

The Offshore Transformer Station houses 2 power transformers (150kV/ 33kV) and their related 150kV switchgear, 2 auxiliary transformers, 4 shunt reactors, the 33kV switchgear for the connection of the wind turbines and all related communication and control equipment.

The Offshore Transformer Station is connected to the Elia high-voltage grid with 2 submarine export cables, one 1000 mm² Al and one 1400 mm² Al cable.



4-floorsTop deck, mezzanine deck, main deck, cable deck
Access Heli-winch down area + 2 boat landings
Total mass topside 2000 tonnes
Vertical height 15 m
Length 38 m
Width 27 m
Mass foundation 800 tonnes