Global environmental impact

Compared to the environmental impact of traditional energy sources, the environmental impact of wind power is very positive. Wind power consumes no fuel, causes no air pollution and does not generate any toxic waste.

A detailed CO2 footprint made by the research company Futureproofed, shows that all C02 emissions caused by the manufacturing, transport, installation, 20 years operations and maintenance and the dismantling of the wind farm components (foundations, wind turbines, transformers, cables, etc.) including C02 release due to the fuel consumed by vessels and vehicles, is earned back after 1 year of operation of the wind farm. This thanks to the gain in C02 release from wind energy production compared to a conventional power plant.


With only 2.26 g C02 emission per kWh produced, C-Power will emit during 20 years of operations 115 times less C02 than the Belgian electricity mix and 175 times less than a new combined cycle plant (study Futureproofed 2013).

C-Power will, with its expected yearly production of 1 TWh, avoid every year 415.000 tonnes C02, which represents the annual C02 absorption capacity of a forested area of 65.000 ha (1/3 of the forest area within the Flemish Region).