Infield cables

A 33 kV cable network, with a total length of 57 km, is laid in between the wind turbines, whereby max. 6 turbines are connected to one cable string. This network collects the energy generated by the wind turbines and transports it to the Offshore Transformer Station (OTS). All turbines can be individually switched on or off from this collecting network. The infield cables are buried min. 1 meter deep into the seabed.


Export cables

The two submarine cables (150 kV), between the Offshore Transformer Station (OTS) and the 150 kV high-voltage grid on land, transport the power generated by the wind farm to the consumers on the mainland.

For the submarine part of the route (around 35 km) the cables are buried min. 1 meter deep into the seabed. All submarine cables contain a fibre optic cable to allow data communication with the turbines and the Offshore Transformer Station (OTS).

One export cables weighs 85 kg per meter. This makes a total of 6000 tonnes of export cable in the C-Power wind farm.


From offshore to onshore

When the submarine high-voltage export cables arrive at the beach in Bredene, they cross the dunes 30 m below the dune surface. At the land side of the dune crossing in Bredene, the 2 export cables are connected to 2 land cables (150 kV) which are connected to the Elia substation “Sas Slijkens”.

The (150 kV) land cables are buried underground and run over a distance of 3,3 km, to the 'Slijkens' high-voltage station in Bredene, where they are connected to the main high-voltage grid.