Capacity of the wind farm

The wind farm consists of 54 turbines with an installed capacity of 325,2 MW:
Phase 1:   6 x 5 MW (type Senvion 5M)
Phase 2: 30 x 6,15 MW (type Senvion 6M)
Phase 3:  18 x 6,15 MW (type Senvion 6M)


Energy transport in the wind turbines

The aerodynamic force of the wind, depending on the wind speed, drives the rotor which is connected to the main shaft. In the gearbox the speed of the main shaft is converted into a rotating motion of the high speed shaft, driving the generator. The electrical power is generated by this asynchronous generator and is transformed by the turbine’s transformer to a voltage level of 33,000 volts (33 kV). This power is transferred via subsea cables to the C-Power offshore transformer station. This OTS transforms the voltage to 150,000 volts (150kV). Two subsea export cables transport the energy from the OTS to the Elia high voltage grid on land.
The electric components of the turbines are located in the rear part of the nacelle.



Hub height94 m to 96 m above sea level
Total tower height 68,1 m
Rotor diameter 126 m
Swept rotor area 12.469 m²
Rotor speed 7,7 to 12,1 rpm
Blade length 61,5 m
Blade mass 19,5 tonnes
Mass nacelle 320 tonnes
Mass hub + blades 130 tonnes
Mass tower 240 tonnes
Power control Variable speed and Pitch control