1. OCS HVM: Preparation workyard Onshore Construction Site "Halve Maan"
2. HDD: Horizontal Directional Drilling for the landfall of the 150kV seacable
3. GBF: Gravity Base Foundation
4. CON: Cables Onshore
5. COF: Cables Ofshore
6. MAC: Marine Activities
7. WTG: Wind Turbine Generators


2. HDD

3. GBF

4. CON

Connection to the Elia grid succesfully tested on 05/06/2008

5. COF

150kV sea cable laying complete 29/09/2008
150kV cable succesfully tested on 26/10/2008
Pull in of the 33kV cables between the wind turbines
The grid energizing of the first wind turbine took place on Thursday 11/12/2008
The cable lay vessel STEMAT OSLO is mobilised for the execution of the 36kV infield cables between the windturbines D2 to D6
36kV infield cable laying between WTG D4 and D5
Pull-in of the 36kV cable into WTG D4
Final hang-off of the 36kV cable in D4

6. MAC

Application of the armour layer of the scour protection around the foundations
The Thornton 1 spread barge is mobilised to complete the armour layer of the scour protection around the GBF at the location of the infield cables.
Scour protection armour laying at WTG D2 and D3

7. WTG

First C-Power kilowatt production of WTG D1 is a fact 29/12/2008
First C-Power kilowatt production of WTG D2 is a fact 29/01/2009


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