1. OCS HVM: Preparation workyard Onshore Construction Site "Halve Maan"
2. HDD: Horizontal Directional Drilling for the landfall of the 150kV seacable
3. GBF: Gravity Base Foundation
4. CON: Cables Onshore
5. COF: Cables Ofshore
6. MAC: Marine Activities


Works on the new quay wall complete

2. HDD

3. GBF

Installation of auxillaries D1
Selfpropelled hydraulic platformtrailers for transport on land of the GBF
Painting of the splash zone D2
Preparation of the painting works D3
Construction of the upper platform D4
Cylindrical part fourth phase D5
Construction of the upper platform D6

4. CON

The transformer for phase 1 arrives in Slijkens

5. COF

Site installation started for the construction of the landfall cofferdam

6. MAC

Construction of multi purpose pontoon Thornton 1
Preparation of the shear leg crane Rambiz and the lifting frame for the GBF
Rambiz tug and anchorhandling vessel
Preparation of the gravel bed for the GBF


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