Effective works Phase 2 - 3

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2011 : week 15

Fabrication and assemblage of the steel structures for the Jacket foundations are ongoing at different yards all over the world, (Belgium-Netherlands-United Kingdom-Poland-Germany-Spain-South Korea)

Seabed preparations are ongoing by dredging at the locations of the foundations

The pile driving works started in area B of the windfarm on Wednesday 6th of April 2011. Steel piles of 40 to 50 m are driven into the seabed by a hammer installation mounted on the jack up platform Buzzard. These so called "pin-piles" are the anchors to seal the jacket foundations into the seabed.The length of the piles depends on the soil conditions.To assure the correct locations of the piles a template is lowered onto the seabed

The pin-piles for the foundation of the offshore transformer station are already driven

In area B pin-piles in 3 of the 24 locations are driven

Works week 15 2011 Works week 15 2011
First jacket with mid section erected in dry dock at Smulders a pin-pile erected to be driven into the seabed
Works week 15 2011 Works week 15 2011
hammer installation to have to pin piles driven into the seabed pin-pile moved from vessel Maersk Finder to jack up platform Buzzard