Effective works Phase 2 - 3

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2011 : week 14

Fabrication and assemblage of the steel structures for the Jacket foundations are ongoing at different yards all over the world, (Belgium-Netherlands-United Kingdom-Poland-Germany-South Korea)

Seabed preparations are ongoing by dredging at the locations of the foundations

The pile driving works started in area B of the windfarm. Steel piles of 40 to 50 m are driven into the seabed by a hammer installation mounted on the jack up platform Buzzard. To assure the correct locations of the piles a template is lowered onto the seabed

The offshore works were waiting on weather since the beginning of the week but started Wednesday evening 6th of April 2011 at 21 H. The pile template was lowered on the first location E1 and the 2 first piles were driven

Works week 14 2011 Works week 14 2011 Works week 14 2011
painting of a jacket foundation transport of a mid-section of the jacket foundation painting of a mid-section