Effective works Phase 2 - 3

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2011 :: week 9

Continuous delivery at the onshore construction site at Ostend of the pin-piles for the Jacket foundations

Since the 19th of Januari 2011 52 piles have been delivered out of the 100 for phase II

Fabrication and assemblage of the steel structure for the Jacket foundations are ongoing at different yards all over the world, (Belgium-Netherlands-Poland-Germany-South Korea)

The fabrication of a pre-piling template, that will be lowered on the prepared seabed in order to hammer the piles at the correct location, is ongoing

Vessels are mobilised for the start of the seabed preparations by dredging at the locations of the foundations

fto_ew_j11w09f01 fto_ew_j11w09f02
Jacket foundation assembly at Hoboken assembly of the j-tubes