Windfarm layout

The wind farm consists of 54 wind turbines,
Within the concession area, two sub-areas are separated by a channel defined around the Interconnector gas conduct and the Concerto South 1 telecommunication cable:
•    Sub area A (southwestern part of the concession) consists of 30 turbines
•    Sub area B (northeastern part of the concession) consists of 24 turbines

 Windfarm layout

The project was build in 3 phases:


Infield electrical cables to the transformer station connect the wind turbines in strings, and each string to the transformer station situated in the south-eastern corner of sub area A.

The transformer station transforms the capacity from 33.000 volt to 150.000 volt.
Two 150 kV high-voltage cables link the wind farm area to the high voltage grid of Elia onshore in Bredene.


Water depth 12 to 27,5 m
Distance to the coast 27 to 30 km
Area 19,84 km² (Area A=10,68 km² + Area B=9,16 km²)
Distance between turbines 700 m
Total capacity 325,20 MW
Annual generation kWh or 1050 GWh
= Enough energy for the annual consumption of 300.000 families
Avoided CO2 emission  415,000 tonnes/year (compared with a recent gas power station)
= the annual CO2 absorption capacity of a forested area of 65,000 ha 
= 1/3 of the forests within Flanders
Wind turbines Phase 1: 6 x 5 MW each
Phase 2: 30 x 6,15 MW each
Phase 3: 18 x 6,15 MW each