Windfarm layout

The layout configuration consists of 54 wind turbines, with a rotor diameter of 126 meters. This layout tries to optimize yield, by using the space as intensively as possible and maintaining a minimum distance between rotors of five to seven times the rotor diameter.
The concession consists of two separate sub-areas within the concession area, separated by a channel defined around the Interconnector gas conduct and the Concerto South 1 telecommunication cable which cuts the area in two as shown in the figure below.

  • Sub area A (southwestern part of the concession) consists of 30 turbines
  • Sub area B (northeastern part of the concession) consists of 24 turbines

 Windfarm layout


Infield electrical cables to the transformer station connect the wind turbines in strings, and each string to the transformer station situated in the southeastern corner of sub area A.

Two 150 kV high-voltage cables (including one already in place as part of the First Phase) will link the wind farm area to the shore. The length of the connection is approximately 37 km to landfall.